Caffè Germani

Coffee is traditionally brewed in several ways – Mokka, Filter, Espresso, Cold-Brew, French-Press, Turkish, etc. All these methods yield coffee drinks with varying intensities of flavor but also degrees of bitterness

Too often , the bitterness overpowers the real taste of the coffee beans. Coffee producers strive to reduce the bitter aspect by using higher quality beans and better roasting methods. The coffee grind quality and brewing process also significantly reduce the level of bitterness.

For coffee connoisseurs who do not like bitterness, the only real solution is to try and mask it by using sugar or sweetener, cream or milk.

Clear distilled coffees are either undrinkable due to the bitterness or have very little flavor, and alcoholic products from coffee are invarably liqueurs with sugar o mask the bitterness.

We have developed a process that reduces the bitterness in every step- This enables us to extract a very intense, yet bitter-free coffee, with twice the caffein concentration of an espresso.

The Caffè Germani Concentrate is the perfect base for a coffee drink like a cappucino or also a gelato.

Caffè Corretto / Gin Corretto

Distilling our coffee creates a bitter free “grappa” / “geist” / “schnapps”, that taste only of coffee. From this distillate we have created following products:

  • a 42% Gin Corretto "the corrected Gin" , which consists of 85% distilled coffee brew and 15% distilled juniper.

    This Gin received a bronze medal in the Category 09 - Contemporary Gin - at the Gin of the year Award in London in Nov 2022.
    (Contemporary Gin - Gin that includes juniper but derives its primary flavors from other botanicals.)

  • a 10% Caffè Corretto Dolce, which is bitter free, slightly sweet and a pure coffee taste

  • a 20% Caffè Corretto Classico, which is bitter free, with an intense and pure coffee taste

Other Products

We have also applied this brewing process to Juniper and Earl Grey Tea, creating an intense concentrate.

Distilling the juniper concentrate enabled us to create

  • a 42% Gin London Dry, which consists of 100% pure juniper, is mellow, yet has a pure juniper aroma.

    This Gin received a GOLD medal in the Category 01 - Classic Gin - at the Gin of the year Award in London in Nov 2022

    (Classic Gin - Gin that derives its primary flavor from juniper, often described as London Dry.)

  • a 20% Liquore di Gin, which consists of pure distilled juniper, mixed with juniper concentrate and a small amount of cane syrup.

Distilling the Earl Grey Tea concentrate enabled us to create a very smooth, mellow, bitterfree gin with the delicate aroma of Earl Grey tea, which can be enjoyed on the rocks.

  • a 42% Gin Earl Grey, which consists of 85% Earl Grey Tea and 15% juniper